Colorado 1

The design is traditional and unpretentiousness, but the quality of the timber, joints, and roof boards make the Colorado 1 is a handsome addition to any driveway or garden. It will certainly be coveted by your neighbours. Features include 44mm timber, giving a good level of insulation for your cars or guinea pigs. Double glazing reinforces the insulating properties of the timber, reducing heat loss through the windows and doors (which, by the way, can be placed on either side of the garage). On the specs side, the walls are 44mm high-quality Nordic spruce throughout. As well as being attractive to look at, it's durable and dense, with fine insulation properties. The roof is also solid timber, 19mm thick. All windows are double-glazed. To maximise the versatility of the design, the entrance and window can be placed on either side of the timber cabin. The Colorado 1 is easy to construct yourself even if your DIY experience is restricted. However, we have an on-site construction service if you'd prefer someone else to do the graft. We'd be delighted to give you more details about this - or other aspects of our log cabins and timber garages



£55.79 pcm

10% deposit required

Please note: We recommend an extractor is fitted to the inside of your cabin if you are considering using the cabin to house a hot tub. We also recommend that the inside of the cabin is protected with a waterproof coating to stop the formation of mildew. Please consider whether the roof beams enable enough clearance for the cover to be removed from your hot tub. If you are fitting a hot tub, please consider there is enough room around the sides and rear of cabin for a cover lifter so you can remove and store the hot tub's lid. Also, that the any steps provided fit around the hot tub.

We will be pleased to assist you with any questions or technical information. We have a free downloadable installation guide for every cabin and offer a professional fitting and installation service. We have given as a guide, how packs of shingles you may need to weatherproof your roof. We also have great package deals on hot tub and cabin/gazebo combinations.Delivery to your preferred address is included within the price of your cabin. Our delivery vehicle has a Moffett and hi-ab facility to off load your cabin roadside.

Our professional and experienced fitting team are available to unpack and assemble your building. The Award Team will complete the assembly from the first log to the last roof tile and they even take away all packaging.

Please note:

  • We will need a level, paved/concrete pad where the cabin is to sited.
  • we will expect reasonable access enabling us to manually transport all of the building's materials to your preferred site.
  • Delivery and felt is included in the price.
Wall Thickness Double Groove
Wall Measures
575 X 510cm
Log Measures
595 X 530cm
Wall Height
Total Height
Roof Area
36.8M² / 16.8º
Roof Boards
Door Opening Measures
73 X 175cm
Window Feature
Rubber Seals And Silicone (Door/Window)
Wood Type
Nordic Spruce
Package Size
6.0X1.2X0.7; 6.0X1.2X0.4; 2.3X0.4X0.7; 2.3X0.4X0.7M
Package Weight
Chalet Cut
Logs With Chalet-Cut (Better Protection Against Wind And Rain)
Roof Boards With
Boards With Tongue & Groove
Door Frame
Laminated Door Frame
Cylinder Lock
Wind Braces
Assembly Kit
5 Years